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Resume of Eef Schoolmeesters (Venlo, NL) born in 1992. She currently lives and works in Tilburg, NL.


2024 - now Teacher at Philosophy Department, TSHD, Tilburg University

2022 - now Project Coordinator for Platform and Artist in Residence Witte Rook 

2017 - now Organiser and Initiator project 168H

2017 - 2023 Part of Artist Collective YAFF 

2020 - 2022 Member of the Diversity Committee at Tilburg University + Member of Minorities and Philosophy or MAP Tilburg

2018 - 2021 Producer for Gastatelier Leo XIII


Tilburg University
2021 - 2022 Master Philosophy of Humanity and Culture [Cum Laude]
Thesis: The Politics of (Emergency) Art: On Aesthetics and Anti-Aesthetics in Contemporary art

2020 - 2021 Premaster Philosophy of Humanity and Culture 

Contract education at Tilburg University:

          2023 Brains and Bodies

          2023 Sustainability and Environmental Ethics

          2022 Crisis and Insecurity

AKV|St.Joost, Breda 

2012 - 2015 Bachelor Beeldende kunst

2011 - 2012 Propedeuse Vormgevin

Activities, exhibitions, writing and projects


Writing | 'Alma Alma' | Critical reflection on the workshop by YAFF on collectivity and conviviality 

Writing | 49m2 / jaar 8 / herfst / 23-12-2023 | Published (soon) short article for Witte Rook's project 49m2, for artist Heidi Vogels


Writing | 'Via de maan; een esthetische reflectie op klimaat, natuur, economie en kunst' | essay published through Thought Magicians

Documentary Photography | for Kunstenaarsinitiatief DeLOODS, exhibition 'Koken met QoQO' 

Writing | 'Art in Times of Environmental Crisis: A Philosophical Analysis of the Relationship between Climate Change, Contemporary Art and Eco-Aesthetics' - a PhD proposal 

Moderating | Kunstscene at NS16, hosting the artist talk between Nina van de Ven, Adem Gokcinar for 'de vakbroeders'

Exhibition | All too Human festival at Theater de Nieuwe Vorst | with Marinke Marcelis - project Half Believing | Half Suspicious

Writing | Commissioned article 'Een Tweede Huid' on the residency of artist Emmie Liebregts | for Vrouw Muskens 

Writing | A short essay about my work Melding 1503948 presented at DeLOODS 

Exhibition | Dag van de Filosofie at Theater de Nieuwe Vorst | with Marinke Marcelis - project Maria als Hermafrodiet

Workshop | Designed and gave a workshop to MAP Tilburg to help rethink the future through the past of the organisation

Writing | 'What Would Badiou Do?' | essay published through Thought Magicians 

Panelist | On money and creativity at Plugin the Future | St.Joost School of Art and Design [Breda] 

LectureWhat Would Badiou Do?Open Studio Presentation Event | with YAFF  

Podcast De Octopus | Moderation of 2 episodes on 'proces' in art | for Witte Rook 

Writing | Published short article for Witte Rook about Femke van Heijningen's workshop 'Keramiek aan Tafel'

De Rusteloze Jager | Guest-host for 'Philosophy on Monday Evening', on invitation by initiator Marinke Marcelis
on the topic of Mary Hermaphrodite; or Women's Role in Creation Stories 


Brabant Herinnert | Start of the communication project concerning World War Two and how / why to remember | with YAFF

Writing | Short essay about my work Nil Utilitatis 

Studio de Gruyter | Exhibition - with Renée van Oploo [Tilburg]

Kunstenaarsinitiatief DeLOODS | Prologue: a solo-presentation and reflection upon the 'multiplication' of one artwork | titled MELDING 1503948 RE/DE/CONSTRUCTIE [Breda]

Leven-de Statistiek #3: Vakantie Editie | interactive artwork for festival Kaapstad [Tilburg] | with YAFF

Documentary Photography | for Feniks Tilburg, panel at Kunstloc, 'Mans Genoeg: Gender en Klimaat'

Writing | Published short article for Witte Rook's project 49m2, for artist Axel Coumans

Documentary Photography | for MAP Tilburg, event 'What About Asian Appropriation and Appreciation'

Writing | Published short text for Nina van de Ven about her artistic practice

Guest-teaching | In class workshop for students: De Voorstelling van de Metaforisering van de Materialen;

of de Vertoning van de Materialisatie van de Metaforen | with YAFF | St.Joost School of Art and Design ['s-Hertogenbosch]

Writing | Printed essay for the Our Canon and Beyond collection | with fellow philosophy students and graduates 

Tabula Rasa: Monument voor een Veranderende Stad | exhibition at Showroom Mama [Rotterdam] | with YAFF

BODYCOLLECTIVE | Workshop during the open day | with YAFF | St.Joost School of Art and Design ['s-Hertogenbosch] 


Panellist | On equal opportunities in cultural education for program De Ontdekking, De Nieuwe Veste | for MAP Tilburg [Breda]

All too Human | Co-organising the Diversity Festival with MAP Tilburg, De Vage Bond and Sapi | Theater de Nieuwe Vorst [Tilburg]

Anatomie van Macht | Performative Lecture with Bart&Klaar&YAFF | Pubic space [Boxtel] | in addition to collectively exhibiting at Veerkracht | by Kunstenlicht99 

BIJ/NA | Workingperiod + exhibition | StadsGalerij [Breda] | by Stedelijk Museum Breda, Van GoghGalerie and St.Joost School of Art and Design

Art-Rendesvouz Kick-Off project BIJ/NA | StadsGalerij [Breda]
Ringbaan Kollektor | exhibition and work exhange | NS16 [Tilburg] | project by Myriam Gras
Co-host and moderator | Aftertalk: What About Diversity? Philosophical Reflections on Media, Politics and Art | for MAP Tilburg & T*Agency | [online] 

DU2020 Publication | Contribution to an artists' book: Leaving My Mark | published by Destination Unknown

Co-organised | Paneldiscussion: What About Diversity? Philosophical Reflections on Media, Politics and Art | with MAP Tilburg and T*Agency | Theaters Tilburg [Tilburg]
Guest lecturer on project 24X24 | for Master Performing Public Space Fontys | Bootcamp | with Liza Voetman for Fontys FHK [Tilburg]


A Proposal, I Suggest | Placing work in public space | Project, own initiative [Tilburg]

Co-organiser project Studio Linie | with Malou van Doormaal | project by Witte Rook [Breda]
24X24 | project developed and curated with Liza Voetman | Sponsored by CuPuDo | 
Public space [Tilburg] 

24X24 | exhibition plus publication launch 30 Oct - 29 Nov | at Kunstpodium- T [Tilburg]
Leven-de Statistiek! | interactive political infographic | with YAFF [Boxtel]
Solidarity Sessions #3: onder de zaaglijn | Guest at online seminar by Platform BK  | with YAFF [Online]
KomopVerhaalcafé | Guest at talkshow by Omroep Dommelland  | with YAFF [Boxtel]
Benefit for Brabant | Group-exhibition | PARK [Tilburg]

Fileren en traditie | Executed workshop | assignment Studio Stadslab  | with YAFF [Bergen op Zoom]
Speeddates participant | by Stichting KOP and Sea Foundation | NS16 [Tilburg]


Studio talks with artists | Presentation about project 168H | Destination Unknown [Weert]
Public discussion about 'kunstenaarsinitiatieven' | Club Solo Avond | with YAFF at Club Solo [Breda]
Producer symposium Intimate Proximities | Gastatelier LeoXIII | TextielMuseum [Tilburg]
Het gaat goed toch?! | Executed workshops (3) | for fine art teachers at the St.Joost Academy | with YAFF at AKV|St.Joost [‘s-Hertogenbosch]
Harmonie in de Linie | organizer art route for the event | project by Witte Rook [Breda]
What's yyoouurr problem | Workshop | performative lecture | Digital Bauhaus Summit | with YAFF at the Digital Bauhaus Summit [Weimar, DU]



Producer symposium Hospitality | Gastatelier LeoXIII | Theater De Nieuwe Vorst [Tilburg]
Part of peer-critic session | Do it together | project by ArtPart / Kunstpodium-T at TAC [Eindhoven]
Project and Exhibition | Invasieve exoot | Festival Charlois Speciaal | with YAFF at Wielewaal [Rotterdam]
Curator and producer exhibition and workingperiod | In Het Midden | TAC [Eindhoven]
Take Over | duo-exhibition | with Mirron Looijmans | bkkc [Tilburg]


Tussen de Regels | residency | with Lisette van Doren | and ArtenZo, Amarant | Witte Rook [Breda]
Producer exhibition and workingperiod | In Het Middencrowdfunding curator | Atlas Initiatief

TAC [Eindhoven] & Atlas Initiatief [Breda]
Contributed work | De Grote Brabantse Kunst Kalende


Curator exhibition | Insider Out | with Lisette van Doren and ArtenZo, Amarant | at Clossenborch [Hilvarenbeek]
Workshop photography at elementary school | at POST - centrum kunst en cultuur [Kerkrade]
Destination Unknown | residency [Tilburg]
De Onbestemde Reis | group exhibition with Laura Schippers, Sjuul Joosen and guest Koen Deprez - project by Laura & Atlas Initiatief [Breda]
Ladekastproject | group exhibition at Galerie Phoebus [Rotterdam]



De Onbestemde Reis | travelling with Laura Schippers and Sjuul Joosen | project by Laura Schippers                                                                              

De Rechtbank  | De Rechtbank [Breda]
New Nature | group exhibition | curated by Anne Paternotte at Brandpunt [Breda]
Graduation show | AKV|St.Joost [Breda]
Palais Idéal | group exhibition | De Fabriek [Eindhoven]


Salt Peanuts! Salt Peanuts! | organized group exhibition | United-C [Eindhoven]
Weiner Melange | group exhibition | Minor Program: Art and Theory | Tetterode [Amsterdam]
Ik heb het gedaan | group exhibition | Duvelhok [Tilburg]
Hoogtepunt | residency | Hoogtepunt [Breda]

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