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Eef Schoolmeesters (Venlo [NL] 1992)
Currently living and working in Tilburg (NL)
working as an arti
st, organiser and coordinator

happy within in the triangle of art, philosophy and writing


AKV|St.Joost, Breda 

2012 - 2015 Bachelor Beeldende kunst

2011 - 2012 Propedeuse Vormgeving 

Tilburg University
2020 - 2021 Premaster Philosophy of Humanity and Culture
2021 - 2022 Master Philosophy of Humanity and Culture [Cum Laude]

2022 Contract education: completed the course Crisis and Insecurity at Tilburg University

2023 Contract education: enrolled: Sustainability and Environmental Ethics

2023 Contract education: enrolled: Brains and Bodies

Activities, exhibitions, residencies and projects


2022      Projectcoördinator for Artist in Residence Witte Rook 

2017      Organiser and initiator project 168H
2017      Artist collective YAFF [young artists feed forward]

2022      Studio Herinner for Brabant Herinnert with YAFF 

Currently and expected

Exhibition | April - Dag van de Filosofie at Theater de Nieuwe Vorst | with Marinke Marcelis

Podcast De Octopus | Moderation of 2 episodes on 'proces' in art | for Witte Rook 

Exhibition | October - Kunstfestival Borkel en Schaft

Writing | Working on a short essay about my work Melding 1503948 presented at De Loods 

Writing | What Would Badiou Do? (version two) | for Thought Magicians 



Pannelist | On money and creativity at Plugin the Future | St.Joost School of Art and Design [Breda] 

Short LectureWhat Would Badiou Do? Open Studio Presentation Event | with YAFF  

Writing | Published short article for Witte Rook about Femke van Heijningen's workshop 'Keramiek aan Tafel'

De Rusteloze Jager | Guest-host for 'Philosophy on Monday Evening', on invitation by initiator Marinke Marcelis
on the topic of Mary Hermaphrodite; or Women's Role in Creation Stories 


Brabant Herinnert | Start of the communication project concerning World War Two and how / why to remember | with YAFF

Writing | Short essay about my work Nil Utilitatis 

Studio de Gruyter | Exhibition with Renée van Oploo [Tilburg]

Kunstenaarsinitiatief De Loods | Prologue: a solo-presentation and reflection upon the 'multiplication' of one artwork | titled MELDING 1503948 RE/DE/CONSTRUCTIE [Breda]

Leven-de Statistiek #3: Vakantie Editie | interactive artwork for festival Kaapstad [Tilburg] | with YAFF

Writing | Published short article for Witte Rook's project 49m2, for artist Axel Coumans

Writing | Published short text for Nina van de Ven about her artistic practice

Guest-teaching | In class workshop for students: De Voorstelling van de Metaforisering van de Materialen;

of de Vertoning van de Materialisatie van de Metaforen | with YAFF

St.Joost School of Art and Design ['s-Hertogenbosch]

Writing | Printed essay for the Our Canon and Beyond collection | with fellow philosophy students and graduates 

Tabula Rasa: Monument voor een Veranderende Stad | exhibition at Showroom Mama [Rotterdam] | with YAFF

BODYCOLLECTIVE | Workshop during the open day | with YAFF

St.Joost School of Art and Design ['s-Hertogenbosch] 


Panellist | On equal opportunities in cultural education for program De Ontdekking, De Nieuwe

Veste | for MAP Tilburg [Breda]

All too Human | Co-organising the Diversity Festival with MAP Tilburg, De Vage Bond and Sapi

Theater de Nieuwe Vorst [Tilburg]

Anatomie van Macht | Performative Lecture with Bart&Klaar&YAFF | Pubic space [Boxtel]

in addition to collectively exhibiting at Veerkracht | by Kunstenlicht99 

Producer for Gastatelier Leo XIII [2018-2021]

BIJ/NA | Workingperiod + exhibition | StadsGalerij [Breda]

by Stedelijk Museum Breda, Van GoghGalerie and St.Joost School of Art and Design

Art-Rendesvouz Kick-Off project BIJ/NA | StadsGalerij [Breda]
Ringbaan Kollektor | exhibition and work exhange | NS16 [Tilburg] July 23rd + 24th
project by Myriam Gras

Co-host and moderator | Aftertalk: What About Diversity? Philosophical Reflections on Media, Politics and Art 

for MAP Tilburg & T*Agency | [online] June 30th

DU2020 Publication | Contribution to an artists' book: Leaving My Mark

published by Destination Unknown

Co-organised | Paneldiscussion: What About Diversity? Philosophical Reflections on Media, Politics and Art
with MAP Tilburg and T*Agency | Theaters Tilburg [Tilburg]
Guest lecturer on project 24X24 | for Master Performing Public Space Fontys | Bootcamp January 11th

with Liza Voetman for Fontys FHK [Tilburg]


A Proposal, I Suggest | Placing work in public space   

Project, own initiative [Tilburg]

Co-organiser project Studio Linie | with Malou van Doormaal 

project by Witte Rook [Breda]
24X24 | project developed and curated with Liza Voetman
 | Sponsored by CuPuDo
Public space [Tilburg] 

24X24 | exhibition plus publication launch 30 Oct - 29 Nov

at Kunstpodium- T [Tilburg]
Leven-de Statistiek! | interactive political infographic

with YAFF [Boxtel]
Solidarity Sessions #3: onder de zaaglijn | Guest at online seminar by Platform BK

with YAFF [Online]
KomopVerhaalcafé | Guest at talkshow by Omroep Dommelland

with YAFF [Boxtel]
Benefit for Brabant | Group-exhibition

PARK [Tilburg]

Fileren en traditie | Executed workshop | assignment Studio Stadslab

with YAFF [Bergen op Zoom]
Speeddates participant | by Stichting KOP and Sea Foundation

NS16 [Tilburg]


Studio talks with artists | Presentation about project 168H

Destination Unknown [Weert]
Public discussion about 'kunstenaarsinitiatieven' | Club Solo Avond

with YAFF at Club Solo [Breda]
Producer symposium Intimate Proximities | Gastatelier LeoXIII

TextielMuseum [Tilburg]
Het gaat goed toch?! | Executed workshops (3) | for fine art teachers at the St.Joost Academy

with YAFF at AKV|St.Joost [‘s-Hertogenbosch]
Harmonie in de Linie | organizer art route for the event

project by Witte Rook [Breda]
What's yyoouurr problem | Executed Workshop | performative lecture | Digital Bauhaus Summit 

with YAFF at the Digital Bauhaus Summit [Weimar, DU]


Producer symposium Hospitality | Gastatelier LeoXIII

Theater De Nieuwe Vorst [Tilburg]
Part of peer-critic session | Do it together 

project by ArtPart / Kunstpodium-T at TAC [Eindhoven]
Project and Exhibition | Invasieve exoot | Festival
Charlois Speciaal

with YAFF at Wielewaal [Rotterdam]
Curator and producer exhibition and workingperiod | In Het Midden

TAC [Eindhoven]
Take Over | duo-exhibition | with Mirron Looijmans

bkkc [Tilburg]
Joined Gastatelier Leo XIII as producer


Tussen de Regels | residency | with Lisette van Doren | and ArtenZo, Amarant

Witte Rook [Breda]
Producer exhibition and workingperiod | In Het Midden | crowdfunding curator | Atlas Initiatief

TAC [Eindhoven] & Atlas Initiatief [Breda]
Contributed work | De Grote Brabantse Kunst Kalender

Joined artist collective Young Artists Feed Forward (YAFF)

Started project 168H


Curator exhibition | Insider Out | with Lisette van Doren | and ArtenZo, Amarant

Clossenborch [Hilvarenbeek]
Workshop photography at elementary school | POST - centrum kunst en cultuur

POST [Kerkrade]
Destination Unknown | residency

De Onbestemde Reis | group exhibition with Laura Schippers, Sjuul Joosen and guest Koen Deprez

project by Laura Schippers at Atlas Initiatief [Breda]
Ladekastproject | group exhibition

Galerie Phoebus [Rotterdam]


De Onbestemde Reis | travelling with Laura Schippers and Sjuul Joosen

project by Laura Schippers                                                                              

De Rechtbank

De Rechtbank [Breda]
New Nature | group exhibition

curated by Anne Paternotte at Brandpunt [Breda]
Graduation show

AKV|St.Joost [Breda]
Palais Idéal | group exhibition

De Fabriek [Eindhoven]


Salt Peanuts! Salt Peanuts! | organized group exhibition

United-C [Eindhoven]
Weiner Melange | group exhibition | Minor Program: Art and Theory

Tetterode [Amsterdam]
Ik heb het gedaan | group exhibition

Duvelhok [Tilburg]
Hoogtepunt | residency

Hoogtepunt [Breda]


With education in both Fine Arts and Philosophy, I have broad working experience in the cultural field. From exhibiting my own visual works to curating exhibitions; organising working periods; producing residencies and symposia; working within an artist collective; giving and developing workshops and presentations; to participating in talks; either initiated myself or commissioned. This diverse, symbiotic practice is aimed at active engagement within and beyond the cultural field, both visually and theoretically, focussed on the role of art and aesthetics in contemporary challenges, both socially, politically, and metaphysically.

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