Take Over - BKKC

Mirron Looijmans and I replied to BKKC's open call with our plan for an exhibition, based upon our own works and intrinsic motivation. We got selected for the first take over, below you'll see some of our exhibition.

Mirron Looijmans: Game Of Life (2018)
Eef Schoolmeesters: To understand how it really works we need to look under the hood (2018)

ABOUT To understand how it really works we need to look under the hood

Creating all new work in a different manner evolving around one previous found subject was my plan for this exhibition. Starting with Hood, the first (sculpt) where you see a hood placed within it's found environment with sculptural qualities. Basically taking something and re-staging it close to where it came from, two different moments combined. 
The reflection of the hood was a huge trigger. It gives away it's environment in a twisted way. Yet the driver itself probably barely notices the beauty. Which car, what year, what engine, how expensive, how fast: all is irrelevant. It becomes a stage for wherever it is focusing on colour, light, shape, angle, moment as a quiet place during the daily hectic. It also gave thought about private property in public space - value. (How suspicious you look photographing my car).

Within this presentation you'll find 5 different ways of working with the potential around the hood. From the classic photo, towards the DIY-corner and the Phobjects inbetween. From more abstract towards esthetic, poetic including a clumsy video from a daily walk encountering the hoods besides the catalogue like collage wall. 

It's about the hood but not just about the hood:
The work is an image resulting from the reflection of an environment captured in an accidental angle given by the hood seen through a subject's eyes. The noise from the object dissapears - the hood becomes like a filter, a carrier of a moment, mapping it's direct environment differently.