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Visual Work

About my visual work
On this page you will find an overview of projects and works from 2015 until today. It is a mixture of exhibitions, studio work, collaborations, presentations, placements in public space and working periods. Most works have a linguistic, conceptual and/or philosophical foundation in which they either are a response to a specific context or location (A Proposal, I Suggest); or to a certain concept (Half Believing | Half Suspicious); or to themselves (What Does This Mean). Often, playing with a change in perspective is method and concept, be it through use of material or displacing existing structures. On the one hand my visual work serves as a translation, aimed at different understanding of the phenomena that I encounter (from family relations and situations, to found objects amongst others) and on the other it is about responding more specifically to contemporary art and its practices that I find myself in, questioning the role of the artwork, context and myself.   

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