In Het Midden

Images of my work as resident and organisator in 2017 at TAC (Eindhoven NL). In 2018 I primarily focused on organising, curating, studiotalks.


Photographic installation 
Water, watertanks, stones, photoprints, epoxy
TAC, EIndhoven, NL



Two analogue photographs, acrylic paint, marker
TAC, Eindhoven, NL



IN HET MIDDEN is a project created for alumni from Fine Arts at St.Joost. An exhibition that started as a reunion, evolved into a group residency and exhibition. Experiment, discussion and evaluating your work and art practice are core elements. This was the third edition in 2017 at TAC (Temporary Art Centre) in Eindhoven.

In this work I wanted to bring the three-dimensional back into the photograph. I discovered that the surface of the water acts like a mirror for it's environment as well as breaks the imagery through the rectangle shape (while watching my former turtle pet swim). This effect is enlarged by the second aquarium placed in the middle, helping to dislocate the imagery when looked at the object from a diagonal. A photographic research. The chosen imagery is more natural in contrast to the stark object, to give the installation something extra to figure out, to appeal to the imagination, to create depth in layers. 

For the first time I applied material onto the original, analogue photographs itself. Here I focused on our interpretation of these kind of pictures, and the relationship between object and subject. Usually the first question asked when seeing a person and a face is,  'who is this'? By shifting the center of attention from the face towards the held object (towel), the questions will change. What is she holding? Why? The two images next to each other seem to imply a story, a movement. To me it also looked like a sculpture, the object as the star and the human as the carrier - all through such a small modification. 

IHM2018 evenement TAC 2.jpg