Tussen De Regels

Result of a two week working period at Witte Rook / WKNDX with Lisette van Doren & Artenzo Amarant.


Lisette van Doren and I collaborated with three creative clients from Artenzo, Amarant (Breda) for this project. Our shared interest in the relationship between the person, the artist and the work, the methods, abilities and hardships, made us reach out towards Artenzo for a second project. During the course of two weeks we all worked together in the same space, this former house. To give some structure to this working period we decided to introduce the themes 'brainstorm' and 'home', overlapping the themes the clients will be working with at Artenzo. 
The slideshow presents an overall view of the presentation of this experiment, as a result of this special get together. Psychologically the ladies surprised us while we were confronted with our own difficulties.. 

Anneke's large mural literally implements the home, and the brainstorm - she created the design up-front. Her graphic approach helps her in the spatiality of the design, a style she developed through bad eye sight.. While she was painting, Ylona got inspired during her second collage work - something no one saw coming. Her collage becomes more spatial as well, and elements like the chair and the animals have slipped through. Her twin sister Ylonka brought her own large, black frame. She had a plan that only later revealed itself to us. In her embroidery / painting she involved three works resented by Artenzo and her two favorite manga characters. Thus she created her own exhibition in her work, with the characters looking in to our exhibition space. 

Working together meant a lot of time of reflection - you could describe the working period itself as a brainstorm. Lisette and I both decided to work in a different manner than usual. Whereas she reacted to her direct environment in stead of from an autobiographic element, I chose to review my analogue archive, in search of meaning of these documentations of the past years. With the relation between an object and it's environment in mind I directly isolated these objects with white marker, turning some in optional illusions, questioning the relation and the suggestive stories. In-between meaningful and meaningless. The magazine-like presentation fitted the temporarily situation of the composition as well as the volatility of the thoughts behind the imagery. In the righthand corner I presented an empty shape on a failed exposure, in the lefthand corner some real life objects. 
A few feet further on the floor I combined two photographs, also manually edited with white paint in a new composition to walk around. Their suggestion is about if the images by accident coincided or if they were made so in a forced relationship.