Destination Unknown

A month long working period in empty residential houses with a group in Tilburg. 


Chromed rods, cardboard and photoprints
Destination Unknown, Tilburg, NL


Flexible photoprint, found drying frame
Destination Unknown, Tilburg, NL


Destination Unknown is a project by Emile Hermans, Renan Schulze, Tim Quaedackers & Hester van Tongerlo. They wanted to create an opportunity for young artists to have time to experiment or deepen their work/research, in buildings that aren't being used for whatever reason. In this case, there were three empty houses in Tilburg in which we could work for a month. 

For myself, I wanted to use and approach the space differently from what I had done before. Usually I work with photographic prints, mostly in 2D. It got me thinking about which elements I could experiment with.
The first pictures show experiment Beholder. Before, I had taken a picture of a similar rod - which showed the whole environment reduced to colors and lines, an abstraction in a way of everything in 360 degrees. Now I tried to use actual rods and tried to show this phenomenon in the room, instead of a picture of it. 
The second group of pictures show Thingks. The drying frame was left behind in the garden of the house, fragile and rusted - I had to use it, instead of taking a picture. The picture I combined it with, is skin mixed with an oceanic surface, on silky, bendable paper. The combination felt right, the tension in the contrast of both 'objects'.