De Onbestemde Reis

Project and exhibition with Laura Schippers and

Sjuul Joosen


Photoprints 10x15cm, total 60x80cm + magnets
Atlas Initiatief, Breda, NL


Sure Shore

Photoprint 46x66cm and 10x4cm
Atlas Initiatief, Breda, NL


Geen titel (kever)

Videoloop 3:50min
Atlas Initiatief, Breda, NL



In 2015, Laura Schippers took me and Sjuul Joosen on a journey, with no set destination or duration, 'De Onbestemde Reis'.
This project was a follow-up from Koen Deprez' (artist architect) earlier 'De Onbestemde Busreis' for Lokaal 01. 
Taking turns, we chose direction, based on what intrigued us - we departed from the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp. Schippers wanted us to ignore country borders, and without a destination she wanted us to experience the journey openly, to get us in touch with our environment, to start a dialogue with our surroundings. She asked us to document the journey in our own way.
A year later, we decided to make an exhibition based on the journey. For myself I decided to only use imagery from then. Reviewed, after all this time. We worked at the Atlas Initiatief for a week - an old boat Schippers and Stijn de Geus bought -  before showing the exhibition.
At the last day of the exhibition Koen Deprez gave a talk about the projects, about travelling, about being open and how to view things differently. He also added some of his work to our exhibition. 

We also made a paper publication in which our documentation of the journey comes together. We used a gps-tracker to trace our steps, the graphic lines it created are used in the publication as well.

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