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Two ways of Altum.

Altum I
Altum I
Altum 4
Altum II
Altum II
fSchoolmeesters15-LKP sch_1399-1200
Altum I

Reversed photoprint on wallpaper
Graduationshow St.Joost Breda NL 2015

Altum II

Photoprint on dibond and 3mm acrylic layering
2x 52x36cm

Ladekastproject at Galerie Phoebus Rotterdam NL


The horizon sets the rule for whether you approach something as high or deep. But without the horizon as measurement, high and deep, above and below will become the same. This for me is Altum.

The first work is a heavily enlarged picture of burned skin, so enlarged that you can see the printed colors side by side, almost as a palet. The reversal makes the print set off it's colour to the wall, showing a pink glow, while from a distance the white back (or new front) of the print blends in with the white wall.

The second work, based on the same photograph, has digitally enlarged parts, zoomed in to the maximum thus showing blunt pixels. The enlargements are placed back in place from where they originate. Thus creating a depth on the surface.  

Altum (LA)
Altus, a, um

1. hoog, hoog oprijzend altum (a) hoogte (b) hemel (c) volle zee, het ruime sop
5. diep; diep doordringend, altum de diepte
7. (v. emoties) diep altum diepte, binnenste
8. ondoorgrondelijk, heimelijk
9. (v. afstand) diep, uitgestrekt, altum uitgestrektheid, verte

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