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The Umbrella

Part of my project A proposal, I suggest.

Public space, 2020



I was looking through some of my older photographs and found an analogue photo of the wheel. It got me thinking about location, presentation, public, the changing of the meaning of an image within these contexts and the relation between work in public space and the documentation. At the same time questioning time by making this photograph like an object in its surroundings. I decided to create multiple works I will leave behind in a site-specific location in public space. The works have a written message on the back for whoever takes it.


The third work I placed in the public spheres. It consists of the cut-out of a crooked umbrella I photographed years before stuffed in the trashcan in that exact location. I had it printed on reflective plexiglass, creating like a kind of wrong plastic-fantastic jewel. Yet upon arriving at the stage at a busy Friday afternoon I saw it had just enough space to fit underneath the traffic signs. Suddenly it became the finishing piece of a modern totem pole. 

The piece was gone within two days. 

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