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Their approach

Liza Wolters

Lorena van Bunningen

Summarized, edited text by Eef Schoolmeesters

Without a set plan, Liza entered the 168H. Since you never know what you might encounter, this became the connecting element for her week. The imagery she created can bee seen as patches: not only did she share her own visual experiments of her encounters in the group, the gallery above shows a graphic assembly of the shared posts, organised by day. Something that could not have been planned!


Summarized, edited text by Eef Schoolmeesters

- Trying to start the conversation again

At the end of 2016, Lorena spent three months in South-America. Returning home she hadn't made new work in a while. For her, this project was mostly to restart her practice again, to renew the dialogue with her material.

She wanted to make tests for a work she had been developing for the public space. In this work she confronts photography with the public space. This meant photographing a shape, print it and put it directly in front of the real object - like a mirror. Photography is always about a passed moment, where an object ís present. This interaction fascinates Lorena, as well as how we view certain things and through photography versus the three-dimensional she is able to ask questions about their qualities and how they supplement each other in dialogue

This work is about where she and her artistic practice are right now. About searching the boundaries of photography and where it meets the three-dimensional. It gave her the opportunity to make spatial work, within the pressure of the 168Hours! 

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