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Photo object experiment / studio


Wood, plywood and photoprints
studio, 2014


It started with the photograph of a heap of sand, which got it's broken surface from an excavator. For me it resembled two different types of skin, the regular grainy surface and the scraped one.
You see these kind of small mountains at almost every building sight. Man made. Which made me think about landmarks, and what they represent. According to the dictionary, it should represent an important history. Or it could be a sign, a mark, standing-out in the environment.
The thing is, man-made landmarks could be anything, when you view these descriptions as more personal. So that's what I did.  

The shape I choose for the pictures to be combined with is that of a coffin. The grid and depth of it, as well as that it's hanging over you, guide you towards the black empty part at the bottom, as if it's an escape, or an end - open. The grid also refers to the human way of ordening, just like the pictures of the heap of sand are human movements to get to the next phase of the construction. A temporary landmark.

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