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About my (artistic) practice

Welcome to my website! These pages are meant to share some of my different work activities that range from creating visual work to writing. 

In general, my (artistic) practice contains three main aspects that symbiotically go together. This consists of, on the one hand, creating my own conceptual, philosophical and linguistic visual work. On the other, I have been working as an organiser, producer and coordinator in the cultural field - commissioned and on my own initiative. I have been developing these two elements since graduating in Fine Arts (BA) in 2015 at AKV|St. Joost. Last but not least, through studying Philosophy of Humanity and Culture (MA) at Tilburg University and graduating early 2022, I found myself loving to write - which I started doing in the form of (short) essays and texts, art critiques and popular philosophy.

These multiple roles allow me to work with both a critical and experimental attitude in different fields. The fundamental question I am concerned with personally and philosophically, is the role of contemporary art and its practices in these times, specifically regarding the climate crisis. Related topics of interest are aesthetics, politics, ontology and ethics.

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