As a visual artist, I also facilitate and participate in the field of art and society through working as an organiser, producer and creator of spaces and work. I want to take on multiple roles as an artist, with an experimental and critical interest in mind - turning my work to the public space more often. This website is meant to share some of these activities and interests.


Currently, I'm working on my own project in public space, called A proposal, I suggest, creating site-specific photographic interventions. To read about my process (in Dutch), visit this link for an article I wrote.
At the same time, writer, art critic and my dear friend Liza Voetman and I are realising our exiting project in public space in Tilburg, 24X24 - more information is found on our instagram page.
With our artists collective YAFF there's a handful of projects we're working on, and being the producer for Gastatelier LeoXIII ánd planning on curating a new art route for Witte Rook this year, I don't get the time to be bored. Also, I'm looking forward to the 7th edition of my project 168H. To join this project, or to ask me any other question, please contact me!


Project: a proposal, I suggest
Title: the wheel

The Umbrella

Project: a proposal, I suggest
project initiated by yours truly
Created: site-specific reaction 

2020 | Public space  | Tilburg, NL

P1060789 E.JPG

The Hood

Project: a proposal, I suggest
project initiated by yours truly
Created: site-specific reaction 

2020 | Public space  | Tilburg, NL

P1060280 edit.jpg


Created: a small object bringing generations together  

2020 | Studio 

p1060297 e.jpg

The Wheel

Project: a proposal, I suggest
project initiated by yours truly

Created: site-specific reaction  

2020 | Public space  | Tilburg, NL



Curating: project 168H

The online working period for artists

About: professional experiment and artistic development

2017 - present | online

168H Banner juli 2020.jpg

Peeping Tom

Created: doormat
For my apartment's hallway

2019 | My appartment complex


Harmonie in de Linie

Curated: art route
For: Witte Rook
AiR and online platform

2019 | Witte Rook, Breda, NL



Part of: artistcollective
Young Artists Feed Forward
For: autonomy as a collective,
through workshops & projects

2017 - present | Diverse locations



Duo exhibition at bkkc  (now Kunstloc)
With Mirron Looijmans

2018 | bkkc, Tilburg, NL

Phobjects 30.JPG

In Het Midden

Group residency at TAC
Organised and joined in 2017
Organised and curated in 2018 

2017 | 2018 | TAC, Eindhoven, NL


Tussen de regels

Short residency at Witte Rook
With Lisette van Doren
Curated ArtenZo, Amarant

2017 | Witte Rook, Breda



Created: text work
Follow-up from the residency at
Destination Unknown


2017 | Studio


Destination Unknown

Group working period

By Destination Unknown 

2017 | Destination Unknown, Tilburg, NL


De Onbestemde Reis

A journey followed by a show
Curated by Laura Schippers
At: Atlas Initiatief

2015 - journey | 2016 - show, Atlas Initiatief, Breda

E (8).JPG


Altum I - graduation piece
Altum II - created for Galery Phoebus, Ladekastproject, curated by Mirjam de Winter


2015 | Breda, NL | 2016, Phoebus, Rotterdam, NL

fSchoolmeesters15-LKP sch_1399-1200.jpg

ex-it / in ter val

Two works showed at the New Nature group exhibition at Brandpunt, curated by Anne Paternotte

2015 | Brandpunt, Breda, NL

interval 1.jpg


Created: photographic woodwork

2015 | Studio



Created: manifesto textwork

2015 | Studio