My practice as a visual artist contains two main aspects that symbiotically go together. This consists of, on the one hand, creating my own photographic, philosophical and linguistic inspired work. On the other, I facilitate and participate through working as an organiser, producer and creator - on request and on my own initiative. These multiple roles allow me to work with both a critical and experimental attitude. Importantly, my aim is to contribute within and beyond the discourse of art and culture, to question and exchange ideas, experiences and values that influence our way of being.  This website is meant to share some of these.

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The Umbrella (2020)
Project: A proposal, I suggest



What Does This Mean (Large) (2021)
Workingperiod BIJ/NA


Eef Schoolmeesters - Selectie foto 1.jpg
Eef Schoolmeesters - Selectie foto 2.jpg

Leaving a Mark (2020-21)
Publication Destination Unknown


Window Shopping: A Year On Display (2021)
Workingperiod BIJ/NA



Sterrenhemel (2015)



The Wheel (2020)
Project: A Proposal, I Suggest


onbestemd .jpg

Weefsel (2016)
De Onbestemde Reis



Supressed Surface (2021)
Workingperiod BIJ/NA



Peeping Tom (2020)


P1060283 edit 2.jpg

The Hood (2020)
Project: A Proposal, I Suggest



Untitled (2019)
Harmonie in de Linie


uno samen.jpg
fSchoolmeesters15-LKP sch_1399-1200.jpg

Altum (2015-16)


Phobjects (series) 2018



What Does This Mean (2021) 


This Is It (2017 - 2020)


thisisit 2.jpg
bonnet the first sculpt samen.jpg

Analogue Mirroring (2017)
Tussen De Regels


Bonnet: the first (sculpt) (2018)


interval 2.jpg
interval 1.jpg

In-ter-val (2015-16)



Thingks (2017)
Destination Unknown


p1060320 e.jpg

Archeology-Piece (2020) 


Pillow (2021)
Workingperiod BIJ/NA