I created this project in search of a work method that could stimulate not just myself but other artists, to take the time to try something else. In this project, questions regarding artistic research, experiment, documentation and presentation are key. In this model, the artist and their process form the focal point. Partaking is open to all visual artists, no matter how professional or new their practice is or where they physically reside.

Since the first edition, I invited a couple of artists and asked them upon accepting the invitation, to forward it to another artist. The invitation asks the artists to take a step back and review their usual ways or work methods and in doing so welcomes them to look differently at their environment, their stage or audience, materials, or concepts. 

The participants themselves choose which aspect of their work is interesting to subject to this experiment, which they will work with during the upcoming 168 Hours. This time frame has proven to be sufficient to either set a multiple-day experiment - will the thing you've seen or left somewhere, still be there the following day? -, though the execution of an act can also be finished within one evening. The project is about taking risks, doing research, all within a limited time frame - but it also is about having fun along the way, as there can be no failure! 

Whatever the artists do in these 168 Hours, I ask them to document their traces in the way they see fit. During the workweek, they share their movements and process on Facebook and Instagram, with all other participants as well as the online public - you. This way of sharing their experiments creates solidarity through distance. And afterward, I invite them to create a pdf file of their project and I will upload their summary/documentation or reflection on this page, for all who missed out or like to see it again! 

All documents so far can be found below. Left with questions? Interested in participating? Feel free to contact me!

Pilot     1: 23-01-2017 / 29-01-2017        visit event
Edition 2: 22-01-2018 / 28-01-2018        visit event
Edition 3: 28-01-2019 / 03-02-2019        visit event 

Edition 4: 01-07-2019 / 07-07-2019        visit event
Edition 5: 27-01-2020 / 02-02-2020        visit event
Edition 6: 29-06-2020 / 05-07-2020        visit event
Edition 7: 2021 Summer

Edition 7 will also be shared on Instagram


August 2021

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Next edition coming up. Interested in partaking?

Send me a message at info@eefschoolmeesters.nl

July 2020

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January 2019

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PDF files are found on your right hand.

Or have a look at the facebook event.


Laura Janssen / Linda Lenssen - Nina van de Ven / Thomas Koevoets - Romee van Oers / Julian Edwardes - Bas van den Hout / Juan Pablo Plazas - Thomas Rameckers / Otto Rijpsma - Maarten Boekweit


January 2018

PDF files are found on your right hand.

Or have a look at the facebook event.

Margot Zweers / Karina Beumer - Glenn Peeters / Guus van der Velden - Marlotte Nugteren / Bastiaan de Kramer - Marina Višić / Tae Yeon Kim - Pim Kersten